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New Website Is Up!!!

Hey everyone!! I am excited to let you know that Sean Loring Schofield Photography has a brand new look online! Well, new website… Working on the blog. That will be coming soon 🙂 But come check out the new site! And to those of you who have had online galleries on there, don’t worry! I will be posting them again on there over this weekend and they will be back up and running before the weekend is over. Email me if you have any questions! Thanks and have a great weekend!


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Christina+JJ Sealed the Deal!!!

Had the pleasure last month of shooting Christina and JJ’s wedding with my best friend Laura B. Scott at the Point Loma Sub Base. Christina as  you will see in the pictures below made an exquisite bride if I do say so myself. And JJ pulled off the groom thing pretty good too 😉 We had so much fun taking pictures of the both of them and all their friends and family! And I do have to say this wedding went off without a hitch! Everything ran so nice and smoothly which is rare for any of you who are familiar with weddings. So without further adieu, here are some sneak peaks at Christina and JJ’s wedding day 🙂 Congrats to the both of you!

Compliments of Laura B Scott

Compliments of Laura B Scott

Compliments of Laura B Scott

Gotta love the under the veil shots 🙂

Yup... Definitely gotta love'em

And all their peeps

Compliments of Laura B Scott

This was a fun little spot to shoot 🙂

Just a cool shot I had to throw in of Downtown SD. Not sure if you can see it, but there are actually fire works going off!

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Carley+Bo Got Hitched!!

Had the chance to photograph Carley <the blushing bride> and Bo <the dashing groom> at Estancia in Torrey Pines this past July 4th! I loved shooting there cause it reminds me of Rancho Bernardo Inn, which is one of my favorite places to shoot in San Diego. So Estancia is definitely a very close second 🙂 I had so much fun shooting Carley and Bo’s engagement photos, I could hardly wait to do their wedding ones! And they turned out awesome if I do say so myself. With the help of course of a great looking couple which is about 75% of all the work right there 😉 So they had a beautiful wedding with one awesome party afterwards! Here are a few sneak peaks from Carley and Bo’s wedding day!! Congrats you two!

Ok if I was a miniature Super Man... And love chocolate the way I do... I would totally live in there!!!

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Christina+Evan Got Hitched!!

This is not too long overdue but as I have hit my busy season, things are running just a little slower. But getting done none the less!! Had the pleasure last month of photographing Christina and Evans wedding at the beautiful Darlington House! I love shooting there. So many cool little nooks to shoot in and everything else is just plain pretty 🙂 Christina made a beautiful bride that day which made my job super easy! The both of them together have such a great chemistry that I felt really shows in their pictures. And on top of it all I got to shoot with my best friend Laura B Scott which makes for a good time and double the amount of awesome photos!! So here is a little sneak peak at Christina and Evans wedding! Congrats you two!!

Evan being da man

I have said this before and I will say it again... Velcro is the future!

Love shooting in this getting ready room at the Darlington House. Light is always perfect! Oh and it helps that Christina is gorgeous 🙂

This was just a minute before she walked down the aisle. Oooooh the anticipation!

Compliments of Laura B Scott.

Got so many good moments with these two love birds 🙂

Of course a goofy one. Always at least one goofy one 😉

One of my fav's

Was able to steal them away one more time that night for some romantic shots

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Luz+Francisco got hitched!!!!!

Here they are!! Luz and Francisco on their big day! And what a big day it was! Got some awesome getting ready photos in Mission Valley, then off to Our Lady of Guadalupe Church where the deed was done, straight to Balboa Park for fun filled wedding party and couples portraits, and last but not least, Marina Village for one awesome party! Luz was such a classy bride. Couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful bride to photograph that day! And Francisco of course made for a very dashing groom. Both of their families were such a joy to work with along with their fun wedding party who were very open and compliant to mine and my best friend/photography partner Laura B. Scott’s photographic wishes 😉 All in all, it was an amazing day for photographs and one kick @$$ wedding! Congrats to Luz and Francisco and best wishes to a long and happy life together 🙂 Here are some tid-bits from the day! That’s right! I said tid-bits 😉

Bride in the making

Awesome ring shot compliments of course of Laura B. Scott

Shoes+Cool Red Chair=Too many pictures of shoes

Several of the boys (who were actually ready on time) 😉 Compliments of Laura B. Scott

Francisco steppin' it up for my camera

How you girls do it... I am still struggling with tying my shoes. Maybe I will invent velcro wedding dresses 😉

Yeah.. Definitely velcro. Though wouldn't be as pretty...

Compliments of Laura B. Scott

Fun little shoot before leaving for the limo. She looks AWESOME!

Can never get a boring shot with a bunch of fun pretty girls 🙂

One of the coolest things about this job is not only seeing, but feeling the emotions of a wedding day, and knowing that this particular moment is one of the most anticipated moments of Francisco's life 🙂

Compliments of Laura B. Scott


I dare say a fine looking wedding party if you ask me. I mean I know! I'm the professional 😉

Compliments of Laura B. Scott

Cute cake topper. Photo compliments of Laura B. Scott

And by the way, this cake was YUUUUUUM!! Photo Compliments of Laura B. Scott

Congrats again to Luz and Francisco! And thanks so much for all your help Laura 🙂 You can also view some more of Laura’s shots of Luz and Francisco at

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Jill+Jesse are Married!!!

Did this wedding a little different. Had the pleasure of not only photographing a great couple, but I also got to work part of the day with Rebecca Seal Photography. Jill and Rebecca work together a lot doing wedding photography and Rebecca shot half the day and then joined in the festivities once the reception started! Got to shoot around beautiful Old Town which is always fun. Lot’s of great colors and nooks to shoot in. We spent a lot of time getting some great portraits which is my favorite part =o) So here is a little sneak peak of some of the portraits we got!

Da Boyz

Da Boy

Da Dog... OK that one didn't really work...

Jill lookin' all beautiful and stuff!

And of course a goofy moment. Gotta have at least one when I am around.

OK and one more.

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Mystique+Anatoly got Hitched!!!

So finally getting around to gettin’ these done! The holidays were crazy as usual. But here they are! A little sneak peak at Mystique and Anatoly’s wedding! And what a wedding it was! In spite of the weather, it was absolutely gorgeous and everyone had an awesome time. In this photographers opinion, the rain held off as long as it needed to. We got through the ceremony, and then we got to do all of our portraits and just as the reception started it, the sky decided to open up. And did this throw any kind of wrench in any gears??HECK NO! There was a plan B that was in the works and which was executed nicely if I do say so myself. And Mystique and Anatoly still had an amazing day and in the end… Got hitched! I also got to work with my best friend Laura B. Scott which is always a treat! I had so much fun working with this couple and their little dog too. Gromit made a very nice addition to the wedding party. He even got dressed for the occasion which was absolutely beyond cute. So here they are! Just a few of my favorites!

Photo compliments of Laura B. Scott.

Photo compliments of Laura B. Scott.

Photo compliments of Laura B. Scott.

Mystique had the coolest dress! Never seen one like it!

Photo compliments of Laura B. Scott.

The clouds were perfect that day and perfect for their kiss shot!

Gromit came to congratulate his mommy.

This was too cute to leave out. Weiner dog trousers! Pin stripe too!

The gang

Did some shots at the cove. The lighting was perfect. This was about 15 minutes before the sky opened up.

In front of the La Jolla Cove Suites where they got married.

Gromit dishin' out the love.

Anatoly bein' all GQ

I call this "Weiner Dog with Fancy Shoes".

Sportin' the pink laced Chucks.

Had a little fashion shoot on the side.

Photo compliments of Laura B. Scott.

HAHA. Laura always get's some fun ring shots. That's why I make her do them. Thanks Laura!

January 15, 2010 at 12:37 am 3 comments

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